In May 1989.

In May 1989, “Lynx Records” label released “Raging Silence”, the 17th Uriah Heep album. It was recorded in 1989, and was produced by Richard Dodd.


  • Bernie Shaw– lead vocals
  • Mick Box– guitars
  • Phil Lanzon – vocals, keyboards
  • Trevor Bolder– vocals, bass
  • Lee Kerslake – vocals, drums

Track listing:

  1. Hold Your Head Up – Rod Argent, Chris White
  2. Blood Red Roses – Peter Goalby
  3. Voice on My TV – Mick Box, Phil Lanzon
  4. Rich Kid – Trevor Bolder
  5. Cry Freedom – Mick Box, Phil Lanzon
  6. Bad Bad Man – Phil Lanzon
  7. More Fool You – Mick Box, Phil Lanzon
  8. When the War Is Over – Steve Prestwich
  9. Lifeline – Rod Roddy, Leon Medica, Fergie Frederiksen, Tony Haselden
  10. Rough Justice – Mick Box, Phil Lanzon, Trevor Bolder, Bernie Shaw

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