In May 1985.

In May 1985, “Jive Records” label released “Le Parc”, the twenty-sixth Tangerine Dream album. It was recorded January–February, 1985, in Berlin, Vienna, and London, and was produced by Christopher Franke, Edgar Froese and Johannes Schmoelling.


  • Christopher Franke
  • Edgar Froese
  • Johannes Schmoelling
  • Clare Torry– vocals
  • Katja Brauneis– vocals
  • Robert Kastler– trumpets
  • Christian Gstettner– computer programming
  • Steffan Hartmann– computer programming
  • Monica Froese– sleeve design

Track listing:

  1. Bois de Boulogne (Paris)
  2. Central Park (New York)
  3. Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona)
  4. Tiergarten (Berlin)
  5. Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto)
  6. Le Parc (L.A. – Streethawk)
  7. Hyde Park (London)
  8. The Cliffs of Sydney (Sydney)
  9. Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains)

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