Thomas Dolby: Aliens Ate My Buick

In April 1988, “EMI” label released “Aliens Ate My Buick”, the third Thomas Dolby studio album. It was recorded in 1988, and was produced by Thomas Dolby.


  • Thomas Dolby – vocals, keyboards
  • Larry Treadwell – guitar
  • Mike Kapitan – synthesizer
  • Terry Jackson – bass
  • David Owens – drums
  • Arno Lucas – congas, timbales
  • Laura Creamer – vocals, percussion
  • Bill Watrous– trombone
  • Bill Bottrell – engineer
  • Daryl Koutnik – engineer assistant
  • Mike Tacci – engineer assistant
  • Leslie Burke – front cover photography
  • Dennis Keeley – back cover photography
  • Kathleen Beller – front cover model

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Dolby except where noted

  1. The Key to Her Ferrari
  2. Airhead – Thomas Dolby, Grant Morris
  3. Hot Sauce – George Clinton
  4. Pulp Culture
  5. My Brain Is Like a Sieve
  6. The Ability to Swing – Thomas Dolby, Matthew Seligman
  7. Budapest by Blimp

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