In April 1978.

In April 1978, “Epic” label released “V2”, the second Vibrators studio album. It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by Vic Maile.


  • Knox – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • John Ellis – vocals, guitar, keyboards, artwork
  • Gary Tibbs – vocals, bass
  • John “Eddie” Edwards – drums
  • Sisters of No Mercy – choir
  • Berlin Symphonia – strings
  • Nicky Graham – string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Knox, except where noted.

  1. Pure Mania – includes an extract from “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix
  2. Automatic Lover
  3. Flying Duck Theory – John Ellis
  4. Public Enemy No. 1- Knox, Gary Tibbs
  5. Destroy – Knox, Gary Tibbs
  6. Nazi Baby
  7. Wake Up
  8. Sulphate
  9. 24 Hour People
  10. Fall in Love
  11. Feel Alright
  12. War Zone
  13. Troops of Tomorrow

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