In April 1977.

In April 1977, “Bearsville Records” label released “Windy City Breakdown”, the debut Jonathan Cain solo album. It was recorded in 1977, and was produced by Jonathan Cain and J.C. Phillips.


  • Jonathan Cain – vocals, keyboards, piano, clavinet, organ
  • Tommy “Mugs” Cain – Drums, percussion
  • Jimmy Arnold – all guitars, backging vocals
  • Gary Richwine: bass guitar, backging vocals
  • Ralph McDonald & Bobby Hall – additional percussion
  • Engineered & mixed by Bert Szerlip

.Track listing:

  1. Windy City Breakdown – Jonathan Cain, J.C. Phillips
  2. Lay Low Joe (Holiday On Ice) – Jonathan Cain, C. Phillips
  3. Rock It Down – Jonathan Cain, S. Phillips
  4. Moon Child – Jonathan Cain
  5. Rollercoaster Baby – Jonathan Cain
  6. Spinning My Wheels – Jonathan Cain
  7. Go Now – Larry Banks, Milton Bennett
  8. Your Lady or Your Life – Jonathan Cain

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