In April 1976.

In April 1976, “Polydor” label released the debut, self-titled Pat Travers album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Emil Zoghby and Pat Travers.


  • Pat Travers- guitar, keyboard, vocals
  • Peter ‘Mars’ Cowling- bass
  • Roy Dyke- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Pat Travers; except where noted.

  1. Stop and Smile
  2. Feelin’ Right
  3. Magnolia – J. Cale
  4. Makes No Difference
  5. Boom Boom (Out Goes the Lights) – Stan Lewis
  6. Mabellene – Chuck Berry, Russ Fratto, Alan Freed
  7. Hot Rod Lincoln – Charlie Ryan, W. S. Stevenson
  8. As My Life Flies – Pat Travers, S. Traver
  9. Medley Parts 1 & 2

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