In April 1974.

In April 1974, “RCA” label released “Road Food”, the thirteenth Guess Who studio album. It was recorded 1973-1974, at “RCA’s Studio A” in Hollywood, and “The Sound Stage” in Toronto, and was produced by Jack Richardson. A Quadraphonic mix was available on vinyl and Quadraphonic 8-track tape formats.


  • Burton Cummings– lead vocals, keyboards
  • Kurt Winter– guitars
  • Don McDougall– guitars, backing vocals
  • Bill Wallace– bass, backing Vocals
  • Garry Peterson– percussion
  • Brian Christian – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Star Baby – Burton Cummings
  2. Attila’s Blues – Burton Cummings, Kurt Winter, Don McDougall, Bill Wallace and Garry Peterson.
  3. Straighten Out – Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace
  4. Don’t You Want Me – Burton Cummings
  5. One Way Road to Hell – Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace
  6. Clap for the Wolfman – Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace, Kurt Winter
  7. Pleasin’ for Reason – Don McDougall, Burton Cummings
  8. Road Food – Bill Wallace, Burton Cummings
  9. Ballad of the Last Five Years – Burton Cummings



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