In April 1972.

In April 1972, “Warner Bros” label released the second, self-titled Arthur Alexander album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Tommy  Cogbill.


  • Arthur Alexander– vocals
  • Johnny Christopher – guitar
  • Eddie Hinton- guitar
  • Reggie Young- guitar
  • Bobby Wood – piano
  • Thomas Cain – piano
  • Shane Keister- keyboards
  • Bobby Emmons – keyboards
  • Mike Leech – bass
  • Tommy Cogbill- bass
  • Kenny Malone- drums
  • Hayword Bishop – drums
  • Gene Chrisman – drums

Track listing:

  1. I’m Comin’ Home – Dennis Linde
  2. It Hurts to Want It So Bad – Steve Smith, Tim Smith, Charles Veldman
  3. Go on Home Girl – Arthur Alexander
  4. In the Middle of It All – Arthur Alexander
  5. Burning Love – Arthur Alexander, Dennis Linde
  6. Rainbow Road – Donnie Fritts, Dan Penn
  7. Love’s Where Life Begins – Arthur Alexander, Dale Ward
  8. Down the Back Roads – Jackie Cook, Steve Cropper, Mary V. Williams
  9. Call Me Honey – Dennis Linde
  10. Come Along With Me – Arthur Alexander, Donnie Fritts
  11. Call Me in Tahiti – Dennis Linde
  12. Thank God He Came – Arthur Alexander, Donnie Fritts

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