On April 9, 2007.

On April 9, 2007, “Latent” label released “At the End of Paths Taken”, the twelve  Cowboy Junkies studio album. It was recorded June-November 2006, and was produced by Michael Timmins.


  • Margo Timmins- vocals
  • Michael Timmins – electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Peter Timmins – drums, congas& percussion
  • Alan Anton – bass guitar, percussion, keyboards
  • Jeff Bird- electric mandolin, percussion
  • Joby Baker- piano, keyboards, bass guitar
  • Henry Kucharczyk- digital kalimba, string arrangement & conducting
  • Benjamine Bowman, Sandra Baron, Rebecca Vanderpost, Sarah Fraser-Raff- violins
  • Amy Laing, Richard Armin- cellos
  • The Sara J. Ratzlaff-Madeleine WienerYouth Choir
  • John A.Timmins- narration

Track listing:

All tracks by Michael Timmins, except where noted.

  1. Brand New World
  2. Still Lost
  3. Cutting Board Blues
  4. Spiral Down
  5. My Little Basquiat – Michael Timmins, Alan Anton
  6. Someday Soon
  7. Follower 2
  8. It Really Doesn’t Matter Anyway – Michael Timmins, Alan Anton
  9. Blue Eyed Saviour
  10. Mountain – Michael Timmins, Alan Anton
  11. My Only Guarantee



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