In April 1971.

In April 1971, “Warner Bros” label released the debut, self-titled Doobie Brothers album. It was recorded November-December 1970, at “Pacific Recording Studios” in San Mateo, California, and was produced by Lenny Waronker and Ted Templeman.


  • Tom Johnston– guitar, harmonica, piano, harp, vocals
  • Patrick Simmons– guitar, vocals
  • Dave Shogren – bass guitar, organ, keyboards, vocals
  • John Hartman– drums
  • Executive Producers – Marty Cohn, Paul Curcio
  • Engineer – Marty Cohn
  • Mastering – Lee Herschberg
  • Photography – Jim Marshall
  • Art Direction – Ed Thrasher
  • Arrangers – Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simons, Dave Shogren, John Hartman

Track listing:

  1. Nobody – Tom Johnston
  2. Slippery St. Paul – Patrick Simmons
  3. Greenwood Creek – Tom Johnston
  4. It Won’t Be Right – Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons
  5. Travelin’ Man – Tom Johnston
  6. Feelin’ Down Farther – Tom Johnston
  7. The Master – Tom Johnston
  8. Growin’ a Little Each Day – Tom Johnston
  9. Beehive State – Randy Newman
  10. Closer Every Day – Patrick Simmons
  11. Chicago – trad., arr. by Patrick Simmons

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