In April 1971.

In April 1971, “Philips” label released “Oh! Pleasant Hope”, the sixth Blue Cheer  album. It was recorded 1970-1971, and was produced by Eric Albronda, Norman Mayell, Gary Yoder, Dickie Peterson and Ralph Burns Kellogg.


  • Dickie Peterson– bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Norman Mayell– guitar, sitar, drums
  • Gary Yoder– acoustic and electric guitars, harp, lead vocals
  • Ralph Burns Kellogg– organ, piano, synthesizer, bass guitar
  • Bob Gurland – mouth trumpet
  • Kent Housman – dobro, backing vocals
  • Cynthia Jobse – harp
  • Jim Keylor – bass
  • Douglas Killmer– bass
  • Jack May – guitar
  • Dehner Patten– guitar
  • Richard Peddicord – guitar, vocals
  • Ronald Stallings – saxophone

Track listing:

  1. Believer – Gary R. Grelecki, Gary Lee Yoder
  2. Money Troubles – Richard Peddicord
  3. Traveling Man – Gary R. Grelecki, Gary Lee Yoder
  4. Oh! Pleasant Hope – Richard Peddicord
  5. I’m the Light – Kent Housman, Norman Mayell
  6. Ecological Blues – Norman Mayell
  7. Lester the Arrester – Ralph Burns Kellogg
  8. Heart Full of Soul – Dickie Peterson



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