Timber Timbre: Hot Dreams

On March 31, 2014, “Arts & Crafts” label released “Hot Dreams”, the fifth Timber Timbre studio album. It was recorded 2013-2014, and was produced by Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier.


  • Taylor Kirk – vocals, Farfisa organ, acoustic and electric guitar, layout, mellotron, Novachord, Hammond organ, percussion, piano, Theremin, drums
  • Simon Trottier – vocals, acoustic, baritone and electric guitar, lap steel guitar, marxophone, mellotron, percussion, tubular bells, engineer
  • Mathieu Charbonneau – Farfisa organ, harpsichord, mellotron, Novachord, piano, Vox continental, Wurlitzer
  • Olivier Farfield – drums, Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, Hammond organ, synthesizer, tape machine, engineer
  • Mark Lawson – synthesizer drums, mixing
  • Colin Stetson– baritone saxophone, bass saxophone, c-melody saxophone
  • Mika Posen – vocals, strings
  • Simone Schmidt – vocals
  • Romy Lightman – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Beat the Drum Slowly
  2. Hot Dreams
  3. Curtains!?
  4. Bring Me Simple Men
  5. Resurrection Drive, Part II
  6. Grand Canyon
  7. This Low Commotion
  8. The New Tomorrow
  9. Run From Me
  10. The Three Sisters

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