In February 1969.


In February 1969, “Blue Horizon” label released “O.K. Ken?”, the second Chicken Shack album. It was recorded in October 1968 at “CBS Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Vernon. This was Christine Perfect’s last album as a member of Chicken Shack.


  • Stan Webb– guitar, vocals
  • Christine Perfect– keyboards, vocals
  • Andy Sylvester– bass
  • Dave Bidwell – drums
  • Roderick Lee – trumpet
  • Terry Noonan – trumpet
  • Steve Gregory– tenor saxophone
  • Buddy Beadle – altoand baritone saxophones
  • Johnny Almond– tenor saxophone
  • Don Fey – tenor saxophone
  • Walter Horton– harmonica
  • Engineer – Mike Ross
  • Photography and design – Terence Ibbott

Track listing:

  1. Baby’s Got Me Crying -Stan Webb
  2. The Right Way Is My Way – Stan Webb
  3. Get Like You Used to Be – Christine Perfect, Stan Webb
  4. Pony and Trap – Stan Webb
  5. Tell Me – Chester Burnette
  6. A Woman Is the Blues – Christine Perfect, Stan Webb
  7. I Wanna See My Baby – Aaron Walker
  8. Remington Ride – Herb Remington, Hank Penny
  9. Fishing in Your River – Stan Webb
  10. Mean Old World – Walter Jacobs
  11. Sweet Sixteen – Riley King, J. Josea



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