In January 1976.


In January 1976, “Columbia” label released “Inner Worlds”, the sixth Mahavishnu Orchestra. It was recorded July-August 1975, at “Studio Hérouville”, and was mixed at.”Trident Studios” in London.and was produced by Dennis Mackay and John McLaughlin.


  • John McLaughlin- guitar, guitar synthesizer, “360” systems frequency shifter, 12-string acoustic guitar, backing vocals, frequency shifter, E-mu  synthesizer sequencer
  • Stu Goldberg – organ, piano, customized Mini-Moog and Steiner-Parker  synthesizers, lead and backing vocals, clavinet
  • Ralphe Armstrong – bass, brassmaster bass, lead vocals
  • Narada Michael Walden- drums, congas, bass marimba, shaker, lead vocals, piano, organ, tympani, sleigh bells, gong
  • Sal Caravello – art direction

Track listing:

  1. All in the Family – John McLaughlin
  2. Miles Out – John McLaughlin
  3. In My Life – John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden
  4. Gita – John McLaughlin
  5. Morning Calls – John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden
  6. The Way of the Pilgrim – Narada Michael Walden
  7. River of My Heart – Kanchan Cynthia Anderson, Narada Michael Walden
  8. Planetary Citizen – Ralphe Armstrong
  9. Lotus Feet – John McLaughlin
  10. Inner Worlds
  • Part 1 – John McLaughlin
  • Part 2 – Stu Goldberg

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