On October 24, 2000.


On October 24, 2000, “Park Records” label released “Bedlam Born”, the sixteen Steeleye Span studio album. It was recorded in 2000, at “Warehouse Studios” in Oxford, and was produced by Gay Woods, Bob Kohnson, Peter Knight, Tim Harries and Dave Mattacks.


  • Gay Woods- vocals, bodhrán
  • Bob Johnson- vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Peter Knight- vocals, keyboards, violin
  • Tim Harries- vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards
  • Dave Mattacks- drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Well Done Liar! – traditional arr. Bob Johnson
  2. Who Told the Butcher? – Peter Knight
  3. John of Ditchford – Tim Harries
  4. I See his Blood Upon the Rose – Joseph Plunkett, Gay Woods, Tim Harries
  5. Black Swan – Tim Harries
  6. The Beggar – traditional arr. Bob Johnson
  7. Poor old Soldier – Peter Knight
  8. Arbour – Tim Harries, Gay Woods
  9. There was a Wealthy Merchant – traditional arr. Tim Harries
  10. Beyond the Dreaming Place – Peter Knight, Gay Woods
  11. We Poor Labouring Men – traditional arr. Gay Woods, Bob Kohnson, Peter Knight, Tim Harries and Dave Mattacks
  12. The Connemara Cradle Song – traditional, Delia Murphy
  13. Stephen – Tim Harries
  14. The White Cliffs of Dover – Walter Kent, Nat Burton, arr. Gay Woods

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