On September 23, 1991.


On September 23, 1991, “4AD” label released “Trompe le Monde” the fourth Pixies studio album. It was recorded in 1991, at “Master Control” in Pacifique, Burbank; “Studio des dames” in  Paris; “Blackwing Studios” in London, and was produced by Gil Norton.


  • Black Francis – vocals, guitar
  • Joey Santiago – lead guitar
  • Eric Drew Feldman – keyboards, piano
  • Kim Deal – vocals, bass guitar
  • David Lovering – drums
  • Jef Feldman – percussion
  • Steve Haigler – engineer
  • Vaughan Oliver/ v23 – art direction, design
  • Chriss Bigg, Paul McMenamin – design assistance
  • Photography – Simon Larbalestier
  • Steven Appleby – rockets
  • TPP Ltd. Londo – typesetting

Track listing:

All songs by Black Francis except where noted.

  1. Trompe le Monde
  2. Planet of Sound
  3. Alec Eiffel
  4. The Sad Punk
  5. Head On – Jim Reid, William Reid
  6. U-Mass
  7. Palace of the Brine
  8. Letter to Memphis
  9. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
  10. Space (I Believe in)
  11. Subbacultcha
  12. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
  13. Lovely Day
  14. Motorway to Roswell
  15. The Navajo Know

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