On September 18, 1990.


On September 18, 1990, “Restless Records” label released “In a Priest Driven Ambulance” (With Silver Sunshine Stares), the fourth Flaming Lips album. It was recorded in 1990, and was produced by Wayne Coynem, Michael Ivins, Jonathan Donahue, Nathan Roberts and Dave Fridmann.


  • Wayne Coyne – vocals, guitar
  • Jonathan Donahue- guitar
  • Michael Ivins – bass guitar
  • Nathan Roberts – drums
  • Dave Fridmann – recording
  • Michele Vlasimsky – photography, executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Harold Adamson, Jan Savitt and Johnny Watson.

  1. Shine on Sweet Jesus: Jesus Song No. 5
  2. Unconsciously Screamin’
  3. Rainin’ Babies
  4. Take Meta Mars
  5. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
  6. Stand in Line
  7. God Walks Among Us Now: Jesus Song No. 6
  8. There You Are: Jesus Song No. 7
  9. Mountain Side
  10. What a Wonderful World

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