On September 12, 1975.


On September 12, 1975, “DJM” label released “Second Chapter”, the debut Danny Kirwan solo album. It was recorded 1973 – 1974, and was produced by Martin Rushent.


  • Danny Kirwan – vocals, guitars
  • Paul Raymond– piano
  • Andy Silvester– bass guitar
  • Geoff Britton– drums
  • Jim Russell– drums, percussion
  • Gerry Shury– string arrangements
  • Martin Rushent – engineer
  • Clifford Davis – photography, album co-ordination
  • McKinley Howell, J.M. Heale – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Danny Kirwan.

  1. Ram Jam City
  2. Odds and Ends
  3. Hot Summer Day
  4. Mary Jane
  5. Skip a Dee Doo
  6. Love Can Always Bring You Happiness
  7. Second Chaptee
  8. Lovely Days
  9. Falling in Love With You
  10. Silver Streams
  11. Best Girl in the World
  12. Cascades

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