On September 12, 1977.


On September 12, 1977, “Columbia” label released “Chicago XI”, the ninth Chicago studio album. It was recorded April – June 1977, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, Colorado, and was produced by James William Guercio. This was the last Chicago album produced by James William Guercio, and the last one to feature founding member Terry Kath, who died in an gun accident four months later.


  • Terry Kath – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion
  • Robert Lamm – lead and backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ,  clavinet, Fender Rhodes
  • Peter Cetera – lead and backing vocals, bass
  • James William Guercio – acoustic guitars, bass
  • Danny Seraphine– drums, percussion
  • Laudir de Oliveira – percussion
  • Walter Parazaider– saxophones, flute, clarinet
  • Lee Loughnane– vocals, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn
  • James Pankow– vocals, trombone, keyboards, percussion, brass arrangements
  • David “Hawk” Wolinski– ARP synthesizer, Fender Rhodes
  • The Voices of Inspiration – choir
  • Tim Cetera – backing vocals
  • Carl Wilson– backing vocals
  • Chaka Khan – incredible preach, backing vocals
  • Dominic Frontiere– orchestral conception, orchestration, orchestration, string and orchestral, arrangements
  • Wayne Tarnowski – engineer
  • Tom Likes – engineer assistant
  • Armin Steiner – strings recording
  • Mike Reese – mastering
  • John Berg – design
  • Nick Fasciano – logo design
  • Reid Miles – inside photography

Track listing:

  1. Mississippi Delta City Blues – Terry Kath
  2. Baby, What a Big Surprise – Peter Cetera
  3. Till the End of Time – James Pankow
  4. Policeman – Robert Lamm
  5. Take Me Back to Chicago – Danny Seraphine, Hawk Wolinski
  6. Vote for Me – Robert Lamm
  7. Takin’ It on Uptown – Fred Kagan, Terry Kath
  8. This Time – Lee Loughnane
  9. The Inner Struggles of a Man – Dominic Frontiere
  10. Prelude (Little One) – Danny Seraphine, Hawk Wolinski
  11. Little One – Danny Seraphine, Hawk Wolinski

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