On September 9, 2003.


On September 9, 2003, “Kill Rock Star” label released “Her Majesty the Decemberists”, the second The Decemberists album. It was recorded February – March 2003, and was produced by Colin Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Jesse Emerson,  Rachel Blumberg, Adam Selzer and Larry Crane.


  • Colin Meloy- vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, percussion, design assistant
  • Chris Funk- electric guitar, Oberheim synthesizer, pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, percussion
  • Jenny Conlee- Hammond organ, piano, Rhodes piano, accordion, Wurlitzer, percussion, backing vocals
  • Jesse Emerson – electric and upright bass, percussion
  • Rachel Blumberg- drums, percussion, vibes, glockenspiel, organ, backing vocals
  • Cory Gray – trumpet, trombone, hand claps
  • Dave Lipkind – chromatic harmonica
  • Carson Ellis – Blood-curdling scream
  • Kenneth Erlick – Hand claps

Her Majesty’s String Quartet

  • Bridget Callahan – viola
  • Mike Lah – cello
  • Lucia Atkinson – violin
  • Emily Cox – violin
  • Mike Johnson – string arrangements
  • Larry Crane, Adam Selzer – engineer
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Carlson Ellis – cover art, illustrations, design
  • Brady Clark – layout

Track listing:

All tracks by Colin Meloy.

  1. Shanty for the Arethusa
  2. Billy Liar
  3. Los Angeles, I’m Yours
  4. The Gymnast, High Above the Ground
  5. The Bachelor and the Bride
  6. Song for Myla Goldberg
  7. The Soldiering Life
  8. Red Right Ankle
  9. The Chimbley Sweep
  10. I Was Meant for the Stage
  11. As I Rise

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