On September 9, 2003.


On September 9, 2003, “SpinArt” label released “Show Me Your Tears”, the final Frank Black and the Catholics album. It was recorded in 2003, and was produced by Nick Vincent, Ben Mumphrey, Stan Ridgway, Frank Black, Rich Gilbert, David McCaffrey and Scott Boutier.


  • Frank Black- vocals, guitar
  • Rich Gilbert – vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar, piano
  • David McCaffrey – vocals, bass
  • Scott Boutier – drums, bells
  • David Philips – vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar
  • Joey Santiago, Keith Moliné– guitar
  • Stan Ridgway – vocals, harmonica, melodica, banjo, percussion
  • Eric Drew Feldman– organ
  • Van Dyke Parks- piano, accordion
  • Rob Laufer – vocals, piano
  • Jack Kidney – saxophone, harmonica
  • Andy J. Perkins – trumpet
  • Cynthia Haagens, Eric Potter, Jean Black, Pietra Wexstun– vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Black.

  1. Nadine
  2. Everything Is New
  3. My Favorite Kiss
  4. Jaina Blues
  5. New House of the Pope
  6. Horrible Day
  7. Massif Centrale
  8. When Will Happiness Find Me Again?
  9. Goodbye Lorraine
  10. This Old Heartache
  11. The Snake
  12. Coastline
  13. Manitoba


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