On September 6, 1993.


On September 6, 1993, “Go! Discs” label released “Wild Wood”, the second Paul Weller solo album. It was recorded April 1993-May 1993, and was produced by Paul Weller and Brendan Lynch. In 2000 “Q” magazine ranked “Wild Wood” at number 77 on its list of the “100 Greatest British Albums Ever”.


  • Paul Weller – vocals, guitars, mellotron, Moog, piano, bass,  Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, tambourine, strings, blues harp, percussion, hanclaps
  • David Liddle – lead guitar
  • Robert Howard– guitars
  • Steve Cradock– guitar
  • Helen Turner – organ
  • Mick Talbot– Hammond organ
  • Brendan Lynch– mellotron , Mini-Moog, stylophone, percussion, handclaps
  • Maxton G. Beesley, Jr.– Wurlitzer, percussion, handclaps, backing vocals
  • Jacko Peake – flute, horns
  • Marco Nelson – bass, backing vocals
  • Yolanda Charles – bass
  • Steve White– drums, percussion
  • Dee C. Lee– backing vocals
  • Simon Fowler – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Sunflower – Paul Weller
  2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) – Paul Weller
  3. Wild Wood Paul Weller
  4. Instrumental (Pt 1) – Paul Weller, Brendan Lynch, Steve White
  5. All the Pictures on the Wall – Paul Weller
  6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out? – Paul Weller
  7. Country – Paul Weller
  8. Instrumental Two – Paul Weller, Brendan Lynch, Steve White
  9. 5th Season – Paul Weller
  10. The Weaver – Paul Weller
  11. Instrumental One (Pt 2) – Paul Weller, Brendan Lynch, Steve White
  12. Foot of the Mountain – Paul Weller
  13. Shadow of the Sun – Paul Weller
  14. Holy Man (Reprise) – Paul Weller
  15. Moon on Your Pyjamas – Paul Weller
  16. Hung Up – Paul Weller

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