On July 21, 1980.


On July 21, 1980, “Columbia” label released “Chicago XIV”, the twelfth Chicago studio. It was recorded March–May 1980, at “The Record Plant” in Los Angeles and “Criteria Studios” in Miami, and was produced by Tom Dowd. The album cover artwork is in the permanent collection of “The Museum of Modern Art” in New York City.


  • Peter Cetera – lead and backing vocals, bass
  • Robert Lamm – lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Chris Pinnick– guitar
  • Mark Goldenberg – guitar
  • David “Hawk” Wolinski– keyboards
  • Laudir de Oliveira– percussion
  • Danny Seraphine– drums
  • Lee Loughnane– trumpet, backing vocals
  • James Pankow– trombone, backing vocals, brass arrangements
  • Walter Parazaider– woodwinds
  • Ian Underwood– synthesizer programming
  • Michael Carnevale – engineer, mixing
  • Karat Faye, Bill Freesh, Ricky Delena – engineer assistant
  • Bernie Grundman – mastering
  • John Berg – design
  • Gerard Huerta – artwork, cover lettering
  • Schatzi Hagerman – production coordinator

Track listing:

  1. Manipulation – Robert Lamm
  2. Upon Arrival – Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera
  3. Song for You – Peter Cetera
  4. Where Did the Lovin’ Go – Peter Cetera
  5. Birthday Boy – Danny Seraphine/David “Hawk” Wolinski
  6. Hold On – Peter Cetera
  7. Overnight Café – Peter Cetera
  8. Thunder and Lightning – Robert Lamm, Danny Seraphine, Peter Cetera
  9. I’d Rather be Rich – Robert Lamm
  10. The American Dream – James Pankow

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