On July 12, 1964.


On July 12, 1964, “EMI” label released “The Sound of The Shadows”, the fourth   Shadows album. It was recorded in 1965.


Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin – vocals, guitar
John Rostill – vocals, bass
Brian Bennett – drums
The Norrie Paramor Strings – ensemble

Track listing:

  1. Brazil – Ary Barroso, Bob Russell
  2. The Lost City – Russ Ballard
  3. A Little Bitty Tear – Hank Cochran
  4. Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me – John Rostill, Bruce Welch
  5. Bossa Roo – John Rostill, Bruce Welch
  6. Five Hundred Miles – Sonny West
  7. Cotton Pickin – Perry Ford, Tony Hiller
  8. Deep Purple – Peter DeRose, Mitchell Parish
  9. Santa Ana – Jerry Lordan, Petrina Lordan
  10. The Windjammer – John Rostil
  11. Dean’s Theme — Hank Marvin, John Rostill
  12. Breakthru – Geoffrey Taggart
  13. Let It Be Me – Gilbert Bécaud, Manny Curtis, Pierre Delanoë
  14. National Provincial Samba – John Rostill, Bruce Welch

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