On June 21, 2004.

One is one

On June 21, 2004, “XL Recordings” label released “One Plus One Is One”, the fourth Badly Drawn Boy studio album. It was recorded June 2003, at “Moolah Rouge Studio” in Stockport, and was produced by Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) and Andy Vote.


  • Damon Gough – vocals, guitars, piano, celeste, clavinet, Wurlitzer Fun-Maker, Hammond Organ, Melotron, Fender Rhodes piano, glockenspiel
  • Stockport Music Project (STOMP) – vocals
  • Norman Mcleod – slide guitar
  • Colin Mcleod – accordion
  • Sean McCann – bass
  • Alex Thomas AKA Earl Shilton – drums, timpani, gong, bells, orchestral crash cymbal.
  • Andy Votel – tubular bells, cymabls, cowbell, chimes, samples,
  • Charles Ashby – percussion
  • Bob Marsh – trumpet
  • Roger Wickham – flute
  • Oliver Heath – violin
  • Chris Worsey – cello, electric cello

Track listing:

  1. One Plus One Is One
  2. Easy Love
  3. Summertime in Wintertime
  4. This Is That New Song
  5. Another Devil Dies
  6. The Blossoms
  7. Year of the Rat
  8. Four Leaf Clover
  9. Fewer Words
  10. Logic of a Friend
  11. Stockport
  12. Life Turned Upside Down
  13. Take the Glory
  14. Holy Grail

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