On June 18, 1996.


On June 18, 1996, “Arista” label released “Gone Again”, the sixth Patti Smith album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Electric Lady Studios” and was produced by Malcolm Burn and Lenny Kaye. In 1999 “Rolling Stone” magazine placed “Gone Again” on its list of “The Essential Recordings of the ’90s”.


  • Patti Smith– vocals, guitar
  • Jeff Buckley– vocals
  • Lenny Kaye– guitar
  • Oliver Ray– guitar, whistle, photography, feedback
  • Tom Verlaine– guitar
  • Whit Smith – guitar
  • Brian Sperber – guitar, engineer
  • César Díaz– guitar
  • Kimberly Smith –mandolin
  • Malcolm Burn – guitar, dulcimer, engineer
  • John Cale – organ
  • Luis Resto– keyboards
  • Tony Shanahan– bass
  • Jay Dee Daugherty– drums
  • Hearn Gadbois –percussion
  • Eileen Ivers– fiddle
  • Jane Scarpantoni– cello
  • Rick Kiernan –saw
  • Patrick McCarthy– mixing
  • John Angello –mixing
  • Roy Cicala– mixing
  • Greg Calbi –mastering
  • Angela Skouras –design
  • Annie Leibovitz– photography

Track listing:

  1. Gone Again – Patti Smith, Fred “Sonic” Smith
  2. Beneath the Southern Cross – Patti Smith, Lenny kaye
  3. About a Boy – Patti Smith
  4. My Madrigal – Patti Smith,  Fred “Sonic” Smith
  5. Summer Cannibals – Patti Smith, Fred “Sonic” Smith
  6. Dead to the World – Patti Smith
  7. Wing – Patti Smith
  8. Ravens – Patti Smith
  9. Wicked Messenger – Bob Dylan
  10. Fireflies – Patti Smith, Oliver Ray
  11. Farewell Ree – Patti Smith

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