On May 21, 2001.

Can Our Love

On May 21, 2001, “Beggars Banquet” label released “Can Our Love… “, the fifth Tindersticks studio album. It was recorded in 2001, and was produced by Stuart Staples, David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Mark Colwill, Dickon Hinchliffe and Ian Caple.


  • Neil Fraser – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Stuart Staples – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, organ, percussion
  • David Boulter – piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, percussion
  • Dickon Hinchliffe – vocals, electric violin, Wah Wah guitar, Fender Rhodes, brass and strings arrangements
  • Mark Colwill – bass
  • Al Macaulay – drums, percussion
  • Steve Sidwell – trumpet
  • Jamie Talbot – bass clarinet, flute
  • Neil Sidwell – trombone
  • Boguslaw Kostecki, Chris Tombling, Gavyn Wright, Jackie Shane, Jon Evans-Jones, Julian Leaper, Mark Berrow, Patrick Kiernan, Perry Montague-Mason, Peter Hanson – violin
  • David Daniels, Martin Loveday – cello
  • Tim Young – mastering
  • Suzanne Osborne – photography
  • Phil Nicholls – sleeve photography

Track listing:

  1. Dying Slowly
  2. People Keep Comin’ Around
  3. Tricklin’
  4. Can Our Love…
  5. Sweet Release
  6. Don’t Ever Get Tired
  7. No Man in the World
  8. Chilitetime

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