On May 16, 1975.


On May 16, 1975, “RCA” label released “Soap Opera”, the thirteen Kinks album. It was recorded August 1974 – October 197,4 at “Konk Studios” in London, and was produced by Ray Davis.


  • Ray Davies – vocals, guitar
  • Dave Davies – vocals, guitar
  • John Gosling- keyboards
  • John Dalton- bass
  • Mick Avory- drums
  • June Ritchie- vocals
  • Roger Beale – engineer
  • Joe Petagno – illustration
  • Pat Doyle – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Ray Davies.

  1. Everybody’s a Star (Starmaker)
  2. Ordinary People
  3. Rush Hour Blues
  4. Nine to Five
  5. When Work is Over
  6. Have Another Drink
  7. Underneath the Neon Sign
  8. Holiday Romance
  9. You Make It All Worthwhile
  10. Ducks on the Wall
  11. (A) Face in the Crowd
  12. You Can’t Stop the Music

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