On May 14, 1991.


On May 14, 1991, “Mint Films / Jungle Records” label released “Yerself Is Steam”, the debut Mercury Rev album. It was recorded 1990 – 1991, and was produced by David Baker, Jonathan Donahue,Dave Fridmann, Grasshopper,Dean Wareham, Suzanne Thorpe and Jimy Chambers.


  • Jonathan Donahue– vocals, silver pickup guitar
  • Grasshopper– unafon guitar reels
  • Suzanne Thorpe – point red flute
  • Dave Fridmann– bass explore, Majestic Bellowphone, additional engineering
  • David Baker– vocals
  • Jimy Chambers– drums, blue-line
  • Gavazzi – trumpet
  • Dean Wareham – additional vocals
  • Keith Cleversley – engineer
  • Mooneyham – artwork
  • Kristin Peterson – photography

Track listing:

All songs written by Jonathan Donahue, Grasshopper, Dave Friedmann, Suanne Thorpe and Jimmy Chambers.

  1. Chasing a Bee
  2. Syringe Mouth
  3. Coney Island Cyclone
  4. Blue and Black
  5. Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell t’ th’ Center of Yer Heart
  6. Frittering
  7. Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother’s Smile
  8. Very Sleepy Rivers

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