On may 14, 1965.


On May 14, 1965, “Pye Records” label released “What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid”, the debut Donovan album. It was recorded February – March 1965, at “Peer Music” in London, and was produced by Terry Kennedy, Peter Eden and Geoff Stephens.


  • Donovan – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Brian Locking- bass
  • Skip Alan (Alan Skipper) – drums
  • Gypsy Dave (David Mills) – kazoo

Track listing:

  1. Josie – Donovan Leitch
  2. Catch the Wind – Donovan Leitch
  3. Remember the Alamo – Jane Bowers
  4. Cuttin’ Out – Donovan Leitch
  5. Car Car – Woody Guthrie
  6. Keep on Truckin – traditional; arranged by Donovan Leitch
  7. Gold Watch Blues – Mick Softley
  8. To Sing for You – Donovan Leitch
  9. You’re Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond – traditional; arranged by Donovan Leitch
  10. Tangerine Puppet – Donovan Leitch
  11. Donna Donna – Aaron Zeitlin, Sholom Secunda, Arthur S Kevess, Teddi Schwartz
  12. Ramblin’ Boy – Donovan Leitch

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