On May 2, 1995.


On May 2, 1995, “EMI” label released “Divinities: Twelve Dances with God”, the second Ian Anderson studio album. It was recorded in 1994, and was produced by Ian Anderson. All the 12 album tracks are instrumental.


  • Ian Anderson– concert and bamboo flutes, whistle, orchestration, engineer
  • Andrew Giddings– keyboards, orchestration, engineer
  • Doane Perry– percussion
  • Douglas Mitchell – clarinet
  • Christopher Cowrie– oboe
  • Sid Gander– French horn
  • Den Redding– trumpet
  • Jonathon Carrey– violin
  • Nina Gresin– cello
  • Randy Wigs– harp
  • Leon Phillips – engineer
  • Ali Aziz – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Anderson.

  1. In a Stone Circle
  2. In Sight of the Minaret
  3. In a Black Box
  4. In the Grip of Stronger Stuff
  5. In Maternal Grace
  6. In the Moneylender’s Temple
  7. In Defence of Faiths
  8. At Their Father’s Knee
  9. En Afrique
  10. In the Olive Garden
  11. In the Pay of Spain
  12. In the Times of India (Bombay Valentine)

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