On April 28, 2009.

together through life

On April 28, 2009, “Columbia” label released “Together Through Life”, the thirty-third Bob Dylan studio album. It was recorded in December 2008, and was produced by Jack Frost (Bob Dylan pseudonym).


  • Bob Dylan– vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Campbell– guitar, mandolin
  • Donnie Herron –steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, trumpet
  • David Hidalgo– accordion, guitar
  • Tony Garnier– bass guitar
  • George Receli –drums
  • David Bianco – recording, mixing
  • Rafael Serrano –engineer
  • David Spreng – engineer
  • Bill Lane– assistant engineer
  • Rich Tosti – assistant engineering
  • Eddy Schreyer -mastering

Track listing:

All lyrics by Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter, except where noted, all music by Bob Dylan.

  1. Beyond Here Lies Nothin
  2. Life Is Harrd
  3. My Wife’s Home Town – Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter
  4. If You Ever Go to Houston
  5. Forgetful Heart
  6. Jolene
  7. This Dream of You – Bob Dylan
  8. Shale Mama Shake
  9. I Feel a Change Comin’ On
  10. It’s All Good
  11. Howdy Neighbor – J. Morris
  12. Don’t Take Everybody to Be Your Friend – M. Gabler, R. Tharpe
  13. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – L. Robin, J. Styne
  14. La Valse de Amitie – O. Guidry
  15. Make Friends – E. Mcgraw
  16. My Next Door Neighbor – J. McCain
  17. Let’s Invite Them Over – O. Wheeler
  18. My Friends – C. Burnett, S. Ling
  19. Last Night – W. Jones
  20. You’ve Got a Friend – Carole King
  21. Bad Neighborhood – Caronna, M. Rebennack
  22. Neighbour – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  23. Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals – B. Rose, M. Dixon, R. Henderson
  24. Why Can’t We Be Friends – S. Allen, H. Brown, M. Dickerson, J. Goldstein, L. Jordan, C. Miller, H. Scott, L. Oskar

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