On April 28, 1997.

ca va

On April 28, 1997, “V2” label released “Ça Va”, album by Slapp Happy. It was recorded June–August 1997, in London, and was produced by Laurie Latham.


  • Anthony Moore– vocals, keyboards, guitars, saz, toy theremin, percussion, melodica, programming
  • Peter Blegvad– vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, cover art
  • Dagmar Krause– vocals, piano

Track listing:

  1. Scarred for Life – Peter Blegvad
  2. Moon Lovers – Dagmar Krause, Laurie Latham
  3. Child Then – Peter Blegvad, Andy Partridge
  4. Is it You? – Dagmar Krause, Anthony Moore
  5. King of Straw – Peter Blegvad, Gregson
  6. Powerful Stuff – Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore
  7. A Different Life – Anthony Moore
  8. Coralie – Anthony Moore
  9. Silent the Voice – Dagmar Krause, Anthony Moore
  10. Working at the Ministry – Anthony Moore
  11. The Unborn Byron – Peter Blegvad, Amthony Moore
  12. Let’s Travel Light – Peter Blegvad

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