On April 25, 2005.


On April 25, 2005, “Sanctuary” label released “Mighty ReArranger”, the eight Robert Plant solo album, and second one with his band “Strange Sensation”. It was recorded in 2004, and was produced by Phil Johnstone, Robert Plant, and Mark Stent.


  • Robert Plant– vocals, harmonica
  • Justin Adams– electric guitar, bendir, tehardant, lap steel guitar, bass guitar
  • John Baggott – keyboards, electronica, Moog bass guitar
  • Billy Fuller – electric and double bass
  • Clive Deamer– drums, bendir
  • Liam “Skin” Tyson– acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass guitar
  • Steve Evans – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Another Tribe
  2. Shine It All Around
  3. Freedom Fries
  4. Tin Pan Valley
  5. All the Kings Horses
  6. The Enchanter
  7. Takamba
  8. Dancing in Heaven
  9. Somebody Knocking
  10. Let the Four Winds Blow
  11. Mighty Re Arranger
  12. Brother Ray
  13. Shine It All Around (Girls Remix)”, a hidden track with “Brother Ray”



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