On April 20, 1970.

JethroTull - Benefit

On April 20, 1970, “Chrysalis” label released “Benefit”, the third Jethro Tull album. It was recorded December 1969 – January 1970, at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Terry Ellis and Ian Anderson.


  • Ian Anderson– vocals, guitar, flute, balalaika, keyboards
  • Glenn Cornick– bass guitar, Hammond organ
  • Clive Bunker– drums
  • Martin Barre– electric guitar
  • David Palmer– orchestral arrangements
  • John Evan– piano and organ
  • Robin Black – engineer
  • Terry Ellis- cover design, executive producer
  • Ruan O’Lochlainn – cover design, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Anderson.

  1. With You There to Help Me
  2. Nothing to Say
  3. Alive and Well and Living In
  4. Son
  5. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me
  6. To Cry You a Song
  7. A Time for Everything?
  8. Inside
  9. Pray in Time
  10. Sossity; You’re a Woman

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