On April 18, 1975.


On April 18, 1975, ”London” label released “Fandango!, the fourth ZZ Top album. It was recorded April 12, 1974, December 30, 1974 – March 23, 1975, and was produced by Bill Ham.


  • Billy Gibbons– vocals, guitar
  • Dusty Hill– bass guitar, keyboards, lead , co-lead and backing vocals
  • Frank Beard– drums, percussion
  • Jim Reeves, Robin Brians, Terry Kane, Terry Manning – engineer
  • Bob Ludwig – engineer, mastering
  • Bill Ham – album concept
  • Bill Narum – design
  • John Dekalb – photography

All tracks by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard except where noted.

  1. Thunderbird (live)
  2. Jailhouse Rock – Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller (live )
  3. Backdoor Medley (live)
    • Backdoor Love Affair – Billy Gibbons, Bill Ham
    • Mellow Down Easy – Willie Dixon
    • Backdoor Love Affair No. 2 – Billy Gibbons
    • Long Distance Boogie -John Lee Hooker
  4. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
  5. Blue Jean Blues
  6. Balinese
  7. Mexican Blackbird
  8. Heard it on the X
  9. Tush


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