On April 8, 1969.

Three Week Hero

On April 8, 1969, “Liberty” label released “Three Week Hero”, the seventh P.J. Proby album. It was recorded in September 1968, at “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Steve Rowland.  This is album, where all four members of Led Zeppelin recorded together in studio for first time ever.


  • P.J. Proby – vocals
  • Jimmy Page – acoustic and electric guitar
  • John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, arrangements
  • John Bonham- drums, conga
  • Robert Plant- harmonica
  • Amory Kane- acoustic guitar, strings
  • Alan Parker- guitar
  • Alan Hawkshaw- keyboards
  • Clem Cattini- drums
  • Stan Barrett- percussion
  • Dennis Lopez – percussion
  • The Jericho (The Family Doggwith Bob Henry) – backing vocals
  • Steve Rowland- arranger
  • Mike Weighell – engineer
  • Spencer Leigh- liner notes
  • Gustav Karl Moody – art direction, cover design
  • Steve Thomas – art direction

Track listing:

  1. Three Week Hero – John Stewart
  2. The Day That Lorraine Came Down – Kenny Young
  3. Little Friend – Robin Gair, Peter Mason
  4. Empty Bottles – Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood
  5. Reflections (Of Your Face) – Amory Kane
  6. Won’t Be Long – Leslie McFarland
  7. Sugar Mama – Woodley, Kenny Young
  8. I Have a Dream – Terry Hensley, Alec Wilder
  9. It’s Too Good to Last – Baker, Stephens
  10. New Directions – Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood
  11. Today I Killed a Man” (Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway
  12. Medley: It’s So Hard to Be a Nigger/Jim’s Blues/George Wallaceis Rollin’ in This Mornin'” (Mable Hillery/Traditional)


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