On April 3, 1968.

Wow moby grape

On April 3, 1968, “Columbia” label released “Wow/Grape Jam”, the second Moby Grape album. It was recorded August 30, 1967 – February 5, 1968, January 16 – February 13, 1968, and was produced by David Rubinson. It was released as two different albums in separate covers, but packaged together and sold for one dollar more than price of a single LP.


  • Peter Lewis – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Jerry Miller – vocals, lead guitar
  • Skip Spence- vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Bob Mosley – vocals, bass
  • Don Stevenson- drums
  • Arthur Godfrey – spoken introduction, ukulele
  • Bob Cato – artwork

Track listing:

  1. The Place and the Time – Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson
  2. Murder in My Heart for the Judge – Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson
  3. Bitter Wind – Bob Mosley
  4. Can’t Be So Bad – Jerry Mille, Don Stevenson
  5. Just LikeGene Autry: A Foxtrot – Skip Spen
  6. He – Peter Lewis
  7. Motorcycle Irene – Skip Spence
  8. Three-Four – Jerry Miller, Skip Spence
  9. Funky-Tunk – Skip Spence
  10. Rose Colored Eyes – Bob Mosley
  11. Miller’s Blues – Jerry Miller
  12. Naked, If I Want To – Jerry Miller

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