On March 26, 1976.


On March 26, 1976, “Columbia” label released “Amigos”, the seventh Santana studio album. It was recorded at “Wally Heider Recording Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by David Rubinson. The album has was released both in stereo and quadraphonic format.


  • Carlos Santana – guitars, percussion, congas, jurro, backing vocals
  • Tom Coster- acoustic piano, Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, ARP Pro Soloist, ARP Odyssey, ARP String Ensemble, Honner Clavinet D6, backing vocals
  • David Brown- bass guitar
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler- drums, timbales, Remo roto-tams, percussion, congas, backing vocals
  • Armando Peraza- vocals, congas, bongos
  • Greg Walker – vocals
  • Ivory Stone – backing vocals
  • Julia Tillman Waters – backing vocals
  • Maxine Willard Waters – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana) – Leon Chancler, Tom Coster, David Rubinson
  2. Take Me with You – Leon Chancler, Tom Coster
  3. Let Me – Tom Coster, Carlos Santana
  4. Gitano – Armando Peraza
  5. Tell Me Are You Tired – Leon Chancler, Tom Coster
  6. Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) – Tom Coster, Carlos Santana
  7. Let It Shine – David Brown, Ray Gardner

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