On March 24, 1974.

mysterious traveler

On March 24, 1974, “Columbia” label released “Mysterious Traveller”, the fifth Weather Report album. It was recorded February 1974 – May 1974 in “Devonshire Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter. In 1974, readers of “Down Beat” magazine voted “Mysterious Traveller” album of the year.


  • Joe Zawinul- electric and acoustic piano, synthesizer, guitar, kalimba, organ, tamboura, clay drum, tack piano, melodica
  • Wayne Shorter- soprano and tenor saxophone, tack piano
  • Miroslav Vitouš- upright bass
  • Alphonso Johnson- bass guitar
  • Ishmael Wilburn- drums
  • Skip Hadden- drums
  • Dom Um Romão- percussion, drums
  • Ray Barrettopercussion
  • Meruga – percussion
  • Steve Little -timpani
  • Don Ashworth -ocarinas and woodwinds
  • Isacoff -tabla, finger cymbals
  • Edna Wright – vocals
  • Marti McCall – vocals
  • Jessica Smith – vocals
  • James Gilstrad – vocals
  • Billie Barnum – vocalists

Track listing:

  1. Nubian Sundance – Joe Zawinul
  2. American Tango – Miroslav Vitouš, Zawinul
  3. Cucumber Slumber – Alphonso Johnson, Joe Zawinul
  4. Mysterious Traveller – Wayne Shorter
  5. Blackthorn Rose – Wayne Shorter
  6. Scarlet Woman – Alphonso Johnson, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul
  7. Jungle Book – Joe Zawinul




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