On March 23, 1985.

Howard Jones Dream Into Action

On March 23, 1985, 1985, “WEA” released “Dream into Action”, the second Howard Jones studio album. It was recorded 1984–1985, at “Farmyard Studios” in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, and was produced by Rupert Hine. The album was certified Platinum in the UK by “BPI” and Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Howard Jones: vocals, electric piano, electric bass, synth bass, synthesizers, drums, percussion, drum programming
  • Martin Jones: bass guitar
  • Afrodiziak (Claudia Fontaine, Caron Wheeler, Naomi Thompson) & The Effervescents (Tania Matos, Kirstie Fulthorpe, Laura Bishop, Elizabeth Holden) – backing vocals
  • The TKO Horns (Dave Pleurs, Alan Whetton, Jim Patterson, Brian Maurice)
  • Helen Liebman – cello
  • Andrew Scarth: recording assistant

Track listing:

.All tracks by Howard Jones.

  1. Things Can Only Get Better
  2. Life In One Day
  3. Dream Into Action
  4. No One Is to Blame
  5. Look Mama
  6. Assault And Battery
  7. Automaton
  8. Is There A Difference?
  9. Elegy
  10. Specialty
  11. Why Look For The Key
  12. Hunger For The Flesh

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