On March 20, 1990.


On March 20, 1990, “Phonogram” label released “Extricate”, the twelve Fall album. It was recorded 1989 and 1990, and was produced by Craig Leon, Mark E. Smith and Adrian Maxwell Sherwood.


  1. Mark E. Smith– vocals
  2. Martin Bramah– guitar, backing vocals
  3. Craig Scanlon– guitar
  4. Marcia Schofield – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
  5. Steve Hanley– bass guitar
  6. Simon Wolstencroft– drums
  7. Mike Edwards – guitar
  8. Craig Leon– organ, backing vocals
  9. Cassell Webb– organ, backing vocals
  10. Kenny Brady – fiddle
  11. Charlotte Bill – flute, oboe
  12. Anthony Frost– front cover painting

Track listing:

  1. Sing! Harpy – Martin Bramah, Mark E. Smith
  2. I’m Frank – Craig Scanlon, Mark E. Smith
  3. Bill Is Dead – Craig Scanlon, Mark E. Smith
  4. Black Monk Theme, Part I – The Monks
  5. Popcorn, Double Feature – Scott English
  6. Telephone Thing – Matt Black, Jon More, Mark E. Smith
  7. Hilary – Mark E. Smith
  8. Chicago, Now! – Mark E. Smith
  9. The Littlest Rebel – Steve Hanley, Craig Scanlon, Mark E. Smith, Simon Wolstencroft
  10. And Therein… –  Martin Bramah, Mark E. Smith



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