On March 4, 1997.

Van Morrison The Healing Game

On March 4, 1997, “Polydor” label released “The Healing Game”, the twenty-sixt  Van Morrison studio album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Westland Studios” and “Windmill Lane Studios” in Dublin, and was produced by Van Morrison.


  • Van Morrison -vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Haji Ahkba -flugelhorn
  • Robin Aspland -piano
  • Phil Coulter- piano
  • Alec Dankworth- double bass
  • Geoff Dunn- drums, percussion
  • Pee Wee Ellis- soprano and baritone saxophones, background vocals
  • Georgie Fame- Hammond organ, background vocals
  • Leo Green- tenor saxophone, background vocals
  • Matt Holland -trumpet, background vocals
  • Ronnie Johnson- electric guitar
  • Brian Kennedy- background vocals
  • Katie Kissoon- background vocals
  • Paddy Moloney- uilleann pipes, whistle
  • Peter O’Hanlon -dobro
  • Ralph Salmins – percussion
  • Nicky Scott -bass guitar
  • Matt Curtis @ Abrahams Pants – art direction, design
  • Photography: Paul Cox

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Morrison

  1. Rough God Goes Riding
  2. Fire in the Belly
  3. This Weight
  4. Waiting Game
  5. Piper at the Gates of Dawn
  6. Burning Ground
  7. It Once Was My Life
  8. Sometimes We Cry
  9. If You Love Me
  10. The Healing Game


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