The Fall: The Frenz Experiment


On February 29, 1988, “Beggars Banquet” released “The Frenz Experiment”, the tenth Fall (The) studio album. It was recorded in 1987, at “St John’s Wood” in Manchester, and was produced by Simon Rogers, Grant Showbiz and Dian Barton.


  • Mark E. Smith– lead vocals, electric piano
  • Brix Smith– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Craig Scanlon– rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Hanley– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Simon Wolstencroft– drums, backing vocals
  • Marcia Schofield – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Simon Rogers– acoustic guitar, electric saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Paul Cox – front cover photography
  • Pyke (Steve Pyke) – back cover photography

Track listing:

  1. Frenz – Mark E. Smith
  2. Carry Bag Man – Mark E. Smith
  3. Get a Hotel – Steve Hanley, Craig Scanlon, Mark E. Smith
  4. Victoria – Ray Davies
  5. Athlete Cured – Mark E. Smith
  6. In These Times – Mark E. Smith
  7. The Steak Place – Mark E. Smith, Brix Smith
  8. Bremen Nacht – Mark E. Smith
  9. Guest Informant” (excerpt) – Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanion, Steve Hanley
  10. Oswald Defence Lawyer – Steve Hanley, Mark E. Smith

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