On February 27, 2001.

Dave Matthews Band Everyday

On February 27, 2001, “RCA” label released “Everyday”, the fourth Dave Matthews Band studio album. It was recorded in November 2000, in “Conway Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Glen Ballard.


  • Carter Beauford— vocals, bongos, conga, drums, vibraphone
  • Stefan Lessard— bass guitar
  • Dave Matthews— vocals,acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar
  • LeRoi Moore— flute, contrabass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, background vocals
  • Boyd Tinsley— violin, background vocals
  • Glen Ballard— keyboards, piano
  • Carlos Santana— electric guitar
  • Vusi Mahlasela— background vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by David J. Matthews and Glen Ballard.

  1. I Did It
  2. When the World Ends
  3. The Space Between
  4. Dreams of Our Fathers
  5. So Right
  6. If I Had It All
  7. What You Are
  8. Angel
  9. Fool to Think
  10. Sleep to Dream Her
  11. Mother Father
  12. Everyday

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