On February 20, 1984.


On February 20, 1984, “Stiff” label released “Keep Moving”, the fifth Madness studio album.  It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.


  • Suggs(Graham McPherson) – lead vocals
  • Mike Barson– keyboards, harmonica
  • Chris Foreman– guitar
  • Mark Bedford(Bedders) – bass guitar
  • Dan Woodgate(Woody) – drums
  • Luís Jardim– percussion
  • Chas Smash (Cathal Smyth) – lead and backing vocals, trumpet
  • Lee Thompson– saxophones
  • The TKO Horns: Dave Pleurs, Alan Whetton, Jim Patterson, Brian Maurice
  • Dave Wakeling, Ranking Roger– vocals
  • Afrodiziak– backing vocals
  • David Bedford – string arrangements
  • Tony Duffy – photography

Track listing:

  1. Keep Moving – Cathal Smyth, Chris Foreman, Graham McPherson
  2. Michael Caine – Cathal Smyth, Daniel Woodgate
  3. Turning Blue – Chris Foreman, Graham McPherson
  4. One Better Day – Graham McPherson
  5. March of the Gherkins – Lee Thompson, Michael Barson
  6. Waltz into Mischief – Cathal Smyth, Graham McPherson
  7. Brand New Beat – Lee Thompson, Michael Barson
  8. Victoria Gardens – Cathal Smyth, Michael Barson
  9. Samantha – Lee Thompson
  10. Time for Tea – Chris Foreman, Lee Thompson
  11. Prospects – Cathal Smyth, Graham McPherson
  12. Give Me a Reason – Cathal Smyth, Lee Thompson

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