On February 19, 2010.


On February 19, 2010, “Merge” label released “Is a Woman”, the sixth Lambchop studio album. It was recorded January -July 2001 in Nashville, and was produced by Mark Nevers and Kurt Wagner.


  • Kurt Wagner – vocals, guitar, Moog, acetone, Casio
  • Mark Nevers – space guitar, noise guitar, aceton
  • William Tyler – acoustic and electric guitar, acetone
  • Alex McManus – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rob Stanley – acoustic guitar
  • Curtiss Pernice – acoustic guitar
  • Paul Niehaus – steel and electric guitar
  • Tony Crow – piano, acetone, juno, homo machine
  • Deana varagona – baritone saxophone
  • Jonathan Marx – juno, sampler
  • Paul Burch jr.– vibes, snare, shaker, brushed snare
  • Marc Trovillion – bass
  • Matt Swanson – bass
  • Allan Lowrey – drums, percussion
  • Terry Baker – drums, percussion
  • Scott Chase – percussion
  • Tammy Pierce – background vocals
  • Lisa Crabtree – background vocals
  • John Delworth – acetone, juno

Track listing:

All tracks by Kurt Wagner, except where noted.

  1. The Daily Growl
  2. The New Cobweb Summer
  3. My Blue Wave
  4. I Can Hardly Spell My Name
  5. Autumn’s Vicar
  6. Flick
  7. Caterpillar – D.C. Book, Kurt Wagner
  8. Scott Parsley
  9. Bugs
  10. The Old Matchbook Trick
  11. Is a Woman




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