On February 14, 2011.


On February 14, 2011, “Island” label released “Let England Shake”, the eighth PJ Harvey studio album. It was recorded April and May 2010, at “Eype Church” in Dorset, and was produced by Flood, Mick Harvey, John Parish and PJ Harvey. In September 2011 the album won the coveted “Mercury Prize”, in November 2011, won the “Uncut Music Award” and was named “Album of the Year” in the 2012 “Ivor Novello Awards”.


  • PJ Harvey– vocals, guitar, autoharp, saxophone, zither, violin, layout, design, drawings
  • John Parish– guitar, drums, percussion,  trombone,  rhodes , mellotron, xylophone, backing vocals
  • Mick Harvey– vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, bass harmonica, piano, organ, rhodes, xylophone, backing vocals
  • Jean-Marc Butty – drums, backing vocals
  • Sammy Hurden – backing vocals
  • Greta Berlin – backing vocals
  • Lucy Roberts – backing vocals
  • Rob Crane –layout, design
  • Michelle Henning – cover design
  • Seamus Murphy, Cat Stevens – photography

Track listing:

All songs written and composed by PJ Harvey.

  1. Let England Shake
  2. The Last Living Rose
  3. The Glorious Land
  4. The Words That Maketh Murder
  5. All and Everyone
  6. On Battleship Hill
  7. England
  8. In the Dark Places
  9. Bitter Branches
  10. Hanging in the Wire
  11. Written on the Forehead
  12. The Colour of the Earth

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