On February 10, 1967.

The_Troggs - Trogglodynamite

On February 10, 1967, “Page One” label released “Trogglodynamite”, the second Troggs studio album.  It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Larry Page.


  • Chris Britton
  • Dave Maggs
  • Pete Lucas
  • Chris Allen
  • Reg Presley
  • Richard Moore
  • Dave Wright
  • Pete Staples
  • Ronnie Bond
  • Tony Murray

Track listing:

  1. I Can Only Give You Everything -Tommy Scott, Phil Coulter
  2. Last Summer – Reg Presley
  3. Meet Jaсqueline – Albert Hammond
  4. Oh No – Pete Staples
  5. It’s Too Late – Ronnie Bond
  6. 10 Downing Street – Larry Page, David Matthews
  7. Mona (I Need You Baby) – Bo Diddley
  8. I Want You to Come into My Life – Reg Presley
  9. Let Me Tell You Babe – Joe Sherman, George David Weiss
  10. Little Queenie – Chuck Berry
  11. Cousin Jane – Larry Page, David Matthews
  12. You Can’t Beat It – Reg Presley
  13. Baby Come Closer – Terry Dwyer, Jack Price
  14. It’s Over – Reg Presley

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