On February 7, 1984.


On February 7, 1984, “Arista” label released “Ammonia Avenue”, the seventh Alan Parsons Project album. It was recorded in 1983, at “Abbey Road Studios”, and was produced by Alan Parsons.


  • Alan Parsons– keyboards, programming, vocals
  • Ian Bairnson– acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar
  • Colin Blunstone– vocals
  • Mel Collins– synthesizer, saxophone
  • Stuart Elliott– percussion, drum
  • David Paton– bass, guitar, vocals
  • Chris Rainbow– vocals
  • Eric Woolfson– keyboards, vocals
  • Lenny Zakatek– vocals
  • Ken Zidar- bass, vocals
  • The Philharmonia Orchestra leader – Christopher Warren-Green
  • Storm Thorgerson- album cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson.

  1. Prime Time
  2. Let Me Go Home
  3. One Good Reason
  4. Since the Last Goodbye
  5. Don’t Answer Me
  6. Dancing on a Highwire
  7. You Don’t Believe
  8. Pipeline
  9. Ammonia Avenue



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